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Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your designated time to complete a new patient form.  You can also bring a completed form ahead of time which you can print from here: Patient Intake Form.

Clinical Time includes the following five (5) steps:

  • Administration
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Patient Education

Clinical Visit Rates:

60 minutes  $114.29 + $5.71   GST = $120
90 and 120 minute appointments are also available.

Methods of Payment:  Cash and personal cheque.

New Patients:

Jannie is accepting new clients through personal and client referrals.  Upon contacting Jannie, please indicate the person who has referred you.

What is a Registered Massage Therapist?

In British Columbia, Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are medical professionals and are considered the best trained in North America.

BC Registered Massage Therapists must complete a comprehensive 3,000 hour medically-based college program. As a point of reference, a four-year University Degree requires 1500 hours of instruction.

RMTs are trained to access and treat a variety of neuromuscular problems by manipulating the body’s soft tissue. Massage therapy has been documented as an alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions involving short term and long term pain. In addition to “hands-on-therapy,” RMTs are also trained in the use of a wide variety of healing techniques including hydrotherapy, stretching, strengthening and postural exercises.

Many Massage Therapists continue their studies by taking specialized courses and programs in a variety of specialized techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Electro Therapy Point Stimulation (ETPS) and more.

All Registered Massage Therapists are governed by the College of Massage Therapists and are Regulated Health Professionals in British Columbia. Massage therapy in BC has been a regulated health care profession since 1946.

For more information about Massage Therapy in BC visit these sites:

Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

What is PSYCH-K ® ?

"PSYCH-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a divine being having a human experience." -Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K

PSYCH-K is a unique and direct way to identify and change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits and behaviors that you would like to change. It is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, and even your physical health! PSYCH-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life!
What is Holoenergetic Healing ®?

This process addresses issues of personal history and the personality and is designed to empower you to transform and heal yourself and others through expanded awareness, love, and conscious choice. In this system of healing one goes beyond relief of symptoms to find and unfold the fundamental sources of distress and illness. A powerful tool in this method is coherent heart focus. Recent research in which Dr. Laskow, a Stanford-trained physician who has studied the healing power of love for the past 25 years, has been involved reveals that deep compassion and love can produce distinctive electrophysiologic changes as measured by the electrocardiogram. This state of heart coherence characterizes healing presence, which together with conscious choice and the release of past conditioning, can profoundly facilitate transformational change.

Client Testimonials

"As a result of a motor vehicle accident, I had pain in my neck, shoulders, back and arms.   A few years back, Jannie helped me to relieve my pain. Her therapeutic techniques have been instrumental to my recovery and without any hesitation, I have recommended Jannie to my family and friends. Her expertise, understanding, and upbeat personality is not only unique but integral to my well-being.“  Bal. L

"Jannie was the first person to truly push the right buttons with massage.  In the past my massages were far too "spa-like" and in the end having very little effect.  With Jannie, I could feel a difference immediately.  Strong hands and a great spirit."  Joe P.

"My head turns properly, my wrists rotate for the first time in years. You are creating for me a body that works better than it ever has! I have a range of movement that I never even knew was achievable. I continue to be amazed. Thanks, Jannie! You are a genius!"  L.L.

"My head moves up and down, left and right.  I have a neck that actually works for the first time in 34 years and wrists that turn, and hips that align.  Jannie has unearthed a body in me that actually works! Miracles!"   Zara N.

"I had the pleasure to have my first massage from Jannie few years ago. My body was in terrible pain and she instantly knew what to do to make me feel better. Since then, every treatment has made a difference and improved my quality of life. She is very professional and truly gifted. I am sincerely grateful I can benefit from her fabulous talent and I strongly recommend her without hesitation."   Isabelle B.

"After suffering from Vertigo for a week, I sought Jannie for treatment.   To my surprise, my symptoms were alleviated by about 80% the next day.  I continue to see Jannie because I feel better and she keeps me feeling better by focusing on the heart of a problem.  She has an effective and unique approach to massage therapy because she concentrates on working with the body's fascia, ligaments and joints.  As a chiropractor, I recommend Jannie to my patients because I am confident that her abilities will help my patients get better."    Dr. Kevin Shimizu, DC

"Jannie provides exceptional care. She is the first massage therapist that I've had who has taken the time to explain how the techniques used are working; I really appreciate the extra time she takes to increase my knowledge about my body. I feel this extra step has really contributed to my healing process."   Tamara L.

"It was after my third session with Jannie that I realized that I could rotate my full body to shoulder check - this was an unusual motion for me as I previously I couldn't turn to that degree. Originally I came to see Jannie for recovery from a car accident and relief from arthritis. My past experience with massage therapy was that I was sore again by the time I was dressed after a treatment. For the FIRST time in my life, massage therapy has actually improved my physical condition: I am feeling less aches and chronic pain; I have more mobility and range of motion; and, my muscles feel like they can stretch like they're supposed to versus feeling like my muscles were always tight. I never want to stop seeing Jannie!"   Helen

"Jannie's abilities are incredibly healing and her professional yet fun attitude is a breath of fresh air.  I always walk away from my time with her feeling agile and renewed.  I highly recommend her as a means to an end....your health and well-being!!!"  Marielle S

"As an active client, I rely on Jannie's skilled attention to detail and holistic approach to massage to keep me doing the things I love to do. Also, being a physiotherapist it is imperative for me to refer my patients to an RMT that I can trust and who gets results. Jannie's focus on not only relieving pain but also investigating and treating it's causes gives me full confidence in her. She is much more than a massage therapist, she is a healer."   Michael W

"I frequently work long hours as an accountant.  For two years, my neck had been sore and stiff.   It was also difficult to turn my head to the left.  At age 60, I thought that chronic pain and headaches were factors that I needed to learn to live with.  Within a couple of hours of my first session with Jannie, I was so surprised my headache had disappeared.  With regular appointments with Jannie, the quality of my life has improved in that I have experienced a marked reduction in the amount of neck pain and the number of headaches.  Jannie is a caring and very knowledgable therapist who gets results."    Virginia Perry, Vancouver, BC

"Jannie goes beyond treating my symptoms and works towards treating the cause.  Originally, I went to see Jannie for chronic neck, back and leg pain.   As a result of my working with her, my body feels better and has moved towards long-term healing.   My feet were flat when we first began treatments and now I have arches in my feet again!  I love that Jannie is knowledgable, intuitive and un-orthodox."   T. Gauthier

"Three years ago, as a result of an insult to my spinal cord, I had surgery (laminectomy) on my spine.  I suffered from painful hypersensitivity through my whole body except for my right leg, which dragged like a dead log.   I tried a number of different treatments, including physiotherapy and acupuncture but I was getting limited relief from the pain.  I have been seeing massage therapists over the last 20 years on a fairly regular but not frequent basis.  I have experienced different styles of massage; however, on my first visit with Jannie (2010), I recognized that, for me, her skills were superior to anything that I had ever experienced before.   As a consequence, I have been visiting her almost weekly ever since.  Each time the treatments have been painful but by the time the hour was over, I felt so much better that there was no question I would return.  Today, the hypersensitivity has fully left half of my body, only remaining on my lower left leg and right arm.  Jannie's intuitive fingers, hands, elbows and knees have been able to detect the areas in my body in which tension has been locked up and she releases it on a regular basis.  My right leg, which had become heavy and desensitized like a dead log, has become alive - more sensitive and easier to move and lift.  My total overall functionality has improved and I believe that it's attributable to what Jannie has been able to do with my body."   Al

"I endured multiple hip and back injuries over 21 years ago, since then I have been receiving massage on a regular basis.  In my experience, few people have such natural massage talent as Jannie – she intuitively knows where to go and what to do.  Jannie’s use of Shiatsu fused with other methodologies and techniques that she has developed are a rare gift.  She will bring to you the qualities of a natural therapist: genuineness, warmth, kindness, and integrity. Her interest in holistic healing combined with intuitiveness creates a unique energy to all those she works with."     Theresa D.

"I consulted Jannie for the first time because I had a lot of trouble walking and was extremely reliant on a cane.  After two treatments, I no longer needed the cane.  What really impressed me was how quickly Jannie diagnosed my problem and explained its cause, and began the treatment.  I continue to be impressed by Jannie’s explanations of my body mechanics and by her ability to correct whatever muscle problem or discomfort I reported to her. I gladly recommend Jannie’s services to people because of her skills and effectiveness as a massage therapist and because of her clear explanations.  I now regularly see Jannie for maintenance." Dean

Intuitive Growth


In my dreamtime, I was told to “Be so FULL of love there is NO fear.”   I had never fully understood the relevance of this important message until I heard Dustin Hogan, at a Toastmasters meeting, say that  “All of your dreams are just beyond your fears.”   In the moments that I absorbed this juicy little tidbit, a light bulb in my brain switched on.  

By understanding ourselves and our fears better, we can move beyond what our “FEARS" (False Evidence Appearing Real) would normally limit us.  Our passions that may have been momentarily curbed by our fears can now galvanize ourselves into action.  Incremental actions that have you feel a little uncomfortable, can and will move you into arenas that you would have never thought possible.  Pilots have a destination but most of their time is spent on correcting the course. 

In my blog, I will share some stories of my journeys, including but not limited to the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, Ayahuesca, Sappo/Kampo (Poison Frog Ceremony), family constellations and shortly in the near future, Iboga.  I hope that you may be inspired in some way to create a life that you love living because its NEVER too late. 

Go now and create a beautiful life!!!

In service, Jannie

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My fascination lies in focusing on the resolution of the underlying causes of pain. Pain is usually the result of postural, muscle and/or joint imbalances. I had one patient who joked with her husband as she sent him out the door to see me. She yelled after him, “she’s not going to touch your neck, […]

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Discover what your heart desires so you can manifest and be in alignment with the different aspects of yourself. Nurture that connection with yourself. Dream, feel and think BIGGER than what you have let yourself do in the past!!

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I love Buddhas. In fact, I really love FAT Buddhas because they always look so happy, content and jolly. So as part of my "abundance" alter I included a bubblishious fiery red buddha (with coins!) to add energy towards my abundance.

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