Tuesday, December 24

Ready? Set. Grow!!

Discover what your heart desires so you can manifest and be in alignment with the different aspects of yourself.  Nurture that connection with yourself.  Dream, feel and think BIGGER than what you have let yourself do in the past!!  Journal your dreams and remember that there is no deadline to your dreams.   You're never too old to start.  In ten years time, if you don't do anything different, you'll still have the same life you're living right now.  So you might as well go on to build a life you love.  Do something different this year.  I did.  Had you told me eight months ago that I would be in Latin America for two months this year, I would have laughed and ridiculed you.   Much to my surprise, the travel and the experiences that went with it, changed my entire outlook on life.  My life has changed forever; physically, mentally and emotionally I'm better than I have ever been and I love it!

  Meet my new boyfriend!

The key here is to treat yourself with respect, dignity and kindness.   You are a like a flower - delicate yet tough enough to withstand many obstacles to continue to grow.  Give yourself the perfect nurturing environment to bloom!!  Have lots of water, sun and time.  Take the time to observe your life.   Awareness of what your heart desires guides you in the planting of the things that you want to show up in your life.  You will change your life by changing where you put your energy and time.    Plant seeds that are right for you and then observe the growth - give it the time necessary to be productive before you do anything to prevent positive changes from happening.  In other words: don't pull up the seeds to see if they have germinated yet - let life unfold as it should.  Every once in a while, its ok to take your hards off the steering wheel!      Good Luck!

Monday, January 28

"Alter" Your Life!!

Each week I host a radio show (or two) with Marielle Smith.

On January 21, 2013, we welcomed Jennifer Engracio, 'student' of shamanism, who encouraged Marielle and I to create an alter.   As a follow-up to our promise on the PAGE Media Project show, I'd like to share my homework.

I love Buddhas.   In fact, I really love FAT Buddhas because they always look so happy, content and jolly.  So as part of my "abundance" alter I included a bubblishious fiery red buddha (with coins!) to add energy towards my abundance.  As well, I put in pyrite for grounding and two hearts - one made from moonstone (female love energy) and the other made of rose quartz for self love and general all-around loving!   My intention is for smooth incoming abundance so all the items in my alter are rounded with no edges.  I placed my lovely buddha on top of a lighted Himalayan salt lamp which emits negative ions to increase good feelings in my home.

As Jen mentioned, alters are a work-in-progress and it is recommended they be worked 'with' each day or as often as possible.

Wednesday, September 5

You are more capable than you THINK!

Stretching beyond what you think are your limits is still considerably less than what you have been brought to earth to do.   The resistance is the learning.  To push past the boundaries of what you think you are able to accomplish.  You will find that in letting go of control, you reap benefits beyond your wildest dreams.  Play with life here and NOW.  It is the experience, not the result, that is the key.  In the experimentation, you will find your self.  It is in the closing down and contracting that you create more barriers and inertia to your growth.  

Push to bloom. 

In this wondrous time, you will find that all the resistance that you have "thought" were real were only thoughts brought on by your society, parenting and peers.   Other than experiencing fear from death, which is also something that one should not fear in any event, one has no other REAL fear.  Free yourself from judgment of yourself and others.  In reality, those who judge you are not the actors who are making advances in the "play" of your life.  They are the backdrop.  You have a choice.  You can pay attention to the backdrop or spend the energy and time creating a life worthy of living.  There is no judgment on whether you pay attention to the background or backdrop  but it will not be of benefit for you or your tribe. 

Focusing on your vision will guide you to where you need to be.  

Once you let the ethers manifest into being by not trying to control the outcome, you will find the clues to where you need to be - signs along the pathway and breadcrumbs for your path.  Sometimes the clues will be so quiet, that you too need to be quiet, observant and clear-minded to be able to see the path.  Chatter of the mind will distract you and render you utterly unable to use all your senses.   Paying close attention to the background will distract you from your true path.   It cannot be overstated about the importance of having a clear mind.  

Having a healthy emotional well-being will aid in the clarity of receiving messages.  

Sometimes following the clues or actions on a path may occur as being "crazy".   Sometimes, you may feel like you're going crazy.  This is the perfect place to be.  In this "craziness" or schizophrenic space, you are recalibrating.  This space takes you to "out of the box" thinking and/or being.  It may feel like "madness" but it is a exercise in changing thought patterns.  We have been conditioned so fiercely by commercialism, society, and our peers that we are constantly trying to fit within acceptable parameters.   It is through these periods that we have the freedom to break free from traditional thinking that no longer works for us.  What has worked in the past is not going to work now.   Notice how the people around you are now more in crisis than they ever have been.  They are still trying to use their "tried and true" methods of coping, which alas, does not seem to be working.   The more one can go within, the more one can be throughout to emanate what they are certain to be true for themselves.   That is true self-expression.  To express what feels to be right for themselves, without fear of judgement, punishment or recourse.   There are many truths.  There are many perspectives.  We have been conditioned to think that there is only a few acceptable ways of being.  That is not the truth.  

It is important now that people express themselves in constructive ways.  

These forerunners of expression are the ladders in which many will follow.  In time, others will be more comfortable with their own truths.  A threshold must be reached before there is a comfortableness with any change.  We are the leaders of change in the highest and best interests of mankind.  What is being said here  is not new but it is a reminder of what you know and feel to be true.  Have your feelings be your guide.  Be vigilant and question until you have clarity and then act where your heart guides you.   Your expression is innate.   Now is the time to practice.  Our bodies have paid the price of suppression.   Dis EASE.  Our bodies are so tense because we are holding in so many years of unexpressed feelings and thoughts.  It has also now resulted in our not be able to access these thoughts and feelings even if we wanted to.  This pressurized bottling up stops the freedom, ease and clarity of expression.  Many people in this society over-react to the smallest things because most of us are almost at the edge of exploding and, unfortunately, we don't even know it.    Due to habit and training, we do not have a true body awareness so we are unable to hear, feel or see any other type of guidance simply because we are blinded by our wretched suppression.

Clear the mind. 

Clear the body. 

These are the first steps on your journey towards your authentic purpose and survival.  

Fearlessness will now be reaping its reward.  Enjoy the learning.   
Enjoy the "play" of your life (and watch out for the other characters!!!)

In service,  Jannie Chow, RMT

Tuesday, January 4

Magic Ramblings

You are on your way to creating all that you have ever needed, wanted or deserved.  In relationship, to risk is to receive, to shed any in-authenticity and to be able to see yourself in the fullness/ wholeness of who you really are - the powerful and demure, with the knowledge that your journey is to see yourself in relationship and value the person in the mirror.  To accept yourself is the journey of a lifetime, in completeness in yourself as an individual and in relationship; interdependence, enjoying your own wings yet being vulnerable enough to ask a partner, friend or family for help with your burdens in the journey.  It is the bonds of this earthly existence that will show you your authentic self. The people you meet, love and are surrounded by will mirror to you and show you where you are authentic and in love with self and other.

There are many ways to finish your journey, begin it and end it as a person you can be proud of.

There are many ways to complete this earthly task.  The journey is to enjoy and teach what you have learned in an inspirational manner without fear of rejection or threat.  Many will hear your voice, as you will command their listening.  It is inexplicable the depth at which your knowledge and wisdom will affect the deepest of hearts, without resistance but relief and joy.

Your journey is of choice and, in choosing, you will discover more and different avenues.

Follow your heart and intuition as there is no right way, only the light way.

Be in love with yourself and everything else will fall into place.

In Service, Jannie Chow, RMT