“Alter” Your Life!!


Each week I host a radio show (or two) with Marielle Smith.

On January 21, 2013, we welcomed Jennifer Engracio, ‘student’ of shamanism, who encouraged Marielle and I to create an alter. As a follow-up to our promise on the PAGE Media Project show, I’d like to share my homework.

I love Buddhas. In fact, I really love FAT Buddhas because they always look so happy, content and jolly. So as part of my “abundance” alter I included a bubblishious fiery red buddha (with coins!) to add energy towards my abundance. As well, I put in pyrite for grounding and two hearts – one made from moonstone (female love energy) and the other made of rose quartz for self love and general all-around loving! My intention is for smooth incoming abundance so all the items in my alter are rounded with no edges. I placed my lovely buddha on top of a lighted Himalayan salt lamp which emits negative ions to increase good feelings in my home.

As Jen mentioned, alters are a work-in-progress and it is recommended they be worked ‘with’ each day or as often as possible.







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