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You are on your way to creating all that you have ever needed, wanted or deserved. In relationship, to risk is to receive, to shed any in-authenticity and to be able to see yourself in the fullness/ wholeness of who you really are – the powerful and demure, with the knowledge that your journey is to see yourself in relationship and value the person in the mirror.


To accept yourself is the journey of a lifetime, in completeness in yourself as an individual and in relationship; interdependence, enjoying your own wings yet being vulnerable enough to ask a partner, friend or family for help with your burdens in the journey. It is the bonds of this earthly existence that will show you your authentic self. The people you meet, love and are surrounded by will mirror to you and show you where you are authentic and in love with self and other.

There are many ways to finish your journey, begin it and end it as a person you can be proud of.

There are many ways to complete this earthly task. The journey is to enjoy and teach what you have learned in an inspirational manner without fear of rejection or threat. Many will hear your voice, as you will command their listening. It is inexplicable the depth at which your knowledge and wisdom will affect the deepest of hearts, without resistance but relief and joy.

Your journey is of choice and, in choosing, you will discover more and different avenues.

Follow your heart and intuition as there is no right way, only the light way.

Be in love with yourself and everything else will fall into place.

In Service, Jannie Chow, RMT

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