Ready? Set. Grow!!


Discover what your heart desires so you can manifest and be in alignment with the different aspects of yourself. Nurture that connection with yourself. Dream, feel and think BIGGER than what you have let yourself do in the past!! Journal your dreams and remember that there is no deadline to your dreams. You’re never too old to start. In ten years time, if you don’t do anything different, you’ll still have the same life you’re living right now. So you might as well go on to build a life you love. Do something different this year. I did. Had you told me eight months ago that I would be in Latin America for two months this year, I would have laughed and ridiculed you. Much to my surprise, the travel and the experiences that went with it, changed my entire outlook on life. My life has changed forever; physically, mentally and emotionally I’m better than I have ever been and I love it!


Jannie and llama kiss 2013


Meet my new boyfriend!

The key here is to treat yourself with respect, dignity and kindness. You are a like a flower – delicate yet tough enough to withstand many obstacles to continue to grow. Give yourself the perfect nurturing environment to bloom!! Have lots of water, sun and time. Take the time to observe your life. Awareness of what your heart desires guides you in the planting of the things that you want to show up in your life. You will change your life by changing where you put your energy and time. Plant seeds that are right for you and then observe the growth – give it the time necessary to be productive before you do anything to prevent positive changes from happening. In other words: don’t pull up the seeds to see if they have germinated yet – let life unfold as it should. Every once in a while, its ok to take your hards off the steering wheel! Good Luck!

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